Thursday, June 6, 2013

Some Like it Hot (well...mild) - In Naples!

Some Like it Hot (well...mild) - In Naples!

Welcome to summer time in Naples, FL.  In the local's opinions, this time of year is a treasured secret.  As most people are familiar with Florida's seasonal visitors and residents, the winter "season" is the most sought after.  The reason for this is quite simple, it is very warm and relaxing while most of America, Canada, and Europe is struggling with bitter cold.
Once the snow thaws and the temperatures start to rise, most people leave for their summer residences with a perception of Florida being even that much warmer in the summer.
We hear all of the time, "Isn't it burning hot in Naples in the summer?"  And the response is, "No."  There is a sea breeze blowing, and yes, it is warmer than our winter, but even cooler than many spots in the U.S. during summer.  Here's an example of our high temperatures throughout the year:

Naples Weather

Southwest Florida is a tropical paradise. Warm temperatures, balmy breezes, sunny skies and an occasional shower are the norm for Naples. The Gulf Water temperature ranges from the mid 60's January through March and up into the mid 80's from June through September. Southwest Florida's average air temperature is 77 degrees.

Average Climate, Rainfall and Gulf Temperature
Rainfall (inches)
Water Temp
*Weather chart provided by

What I would like to share with you at this point is that the weather in summer is not what you would perceive of a climate that yields a high of 77* in January.

This time of year you will see a lot of the local businesses doing their necessary maintenance while there is the least amont of people in town.  You will see the golf courses doing their greens aerification practices, and the high blooming, high maintenance flowers might be out of the ground.  But if you can look past that and find the courses with greens that are healed from aerification, (just call around to golf courses and ask if they've aerated their greens in the last two weeks as it takes a couple weeks to heal) you will find a spectacular hidden gem.  Naples in summer!
Golf rates, hotel rates, and some attractions are at lower rates in summer.  You will be surprised at how easy it is to get into you favorite restaurant this time of year too!  Going to a movie?  You might only have 3 or 4 other couples in the theatre with you.  Does this description of privacy and all that you expect from Naples sound good?  Well come on down!  You're the next to discover what you are missing in a Naples summer.

That's it for now.  Any questions about the beautiful area?  Just give me a call or email.  Look forward to seeing you out there.

P.S.  Summer sales...  that's all I'm going to say...

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

5 Reasons to be in Naples before "Season"

5 Reasons to be in Naples, FL. before "Season"

There are so many reasons to be in Naples, FL before next season, but I am going to break it down to the top 5.  This is not an easy task because there are so many "tastes" that comprise the Naples area landscape.  Tastes in cuisine, tastes in hobbies, tastes in fashion, or living accommodation.

First it's important for me to define what "season" is in southwest Florida.  We take it for granted that others would immediately know what our definition is for this special time of year.  Our "season" could be considered that late part of a year, maybe November/December, then reaching into the next year until after Easter.  The "high season" is considered to be January, February, March and most of April.  This is when most people desire that sunshine and warm breeze of Naples versus what you could find about anywhere else that time of year.  This is when there is a premium on hotel vacancies, rental vacancies, and tee times on the golf courses.  Definitely this is the time of the year when it's evident that people know to "fly south for the winter".

Now here are the top 5 reasons to be in Naples, FL before next season:

    1.  Let's start with the obvious.  Sun, warm breezes, sand and surf.  The pride taken by Naples residents and the city government, shows that it's proud to be the crown jewel of Florida.  The city is clean, well maintained and full of exuberance. 

     2.  Smart business owners know this is the time of year to gear up for the best shopping crowds that they will see all year.  So you will find the latest styles, and most selection.  You will also find items unique to the area that you might not see in your own area of the country or world.  *Always look for the end-of-season sales as Easter approches.

     3.  The season is when the Arts really shine.  The Naples Philharmonic and other performances are at capacity with the best line-ups during season.  You will see a lot of live music performance and festivals.  The Naples Film Festival in November (coming in May-Latin America Film Fest) is also a great time, with a whole week of film performance and charity events revolving around this buzzing event.  Learn more about Art, Food, Music, and other festivals at websites like these:

     4.  Golf courses are in top notch condition, and events are here to enjoy.  The majority of golf course maintenance is done during the summer when the least amount of residents are in the area.  This leads up to the conditioning and refining of the courses for our season.  Professional golf events are also a favorite for our residents to attend starting with the CME Titleholder's, which is the LPGA's season ending event to recognize those who excelled during their season, also with the largest prize purse.  Greg Norman's Franklin Templeton Shootout is a fun event comprised of two man teams competing in different formats and is held at Greg Norman's designed Tiburon Golf Club.  The Ritz Carlton golf lodge is located on site at Tiburon  (Naples has two Ritz Carlton hotels, the other is on Vanderbilt Beach).  Finally in February, the Champions Tour Ace Group Classic event is held at the upscale Club at Twin Eagles.  This is a Jack Nicklaus course that is one of the tour's favorite stops.
Check out these golf links:

     5.  The Naples real estate market is on a rapid increase.  This desirable place in the sun, that offers all of the above mentioned and much more is where many are finding the best place to invest their money.  We have enjoyed an 18% home value increase from March 2012 to March 2013.  Inventory is low, causing prices to rise and new construction homes/developments to pop up like dandelions.  We are noticing and working with more and more foreign investors and looking forward to more relationships like these.  

I hope this has revealed some about the Naples "season" and why you should make it your home or second home before next season.  Be here to enjoy it with us next year.  We'll be happy to help you find the perfect location whether it's golf, beach or in between!  See you soon.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Naples, Florida area Buyers leaping off the fence!

Naples Florida area Buyers leaping off the fence!

Where:  Naples, FL. area
When:  Winter/Spring 2013
Who:  Buyers waiting for evidence
Why:  Because the time is right...

It's March 1st today, can you believe it?  Wow, heading toward putting the first quarter in the books for 2013.  Seems like we were just toasting the New Year in...  For those of us in the Real Estate arena in the Naples, Bonita Springs, Marco Island and Estero areas, have you used all of your Visine yet?  Early mornings and late nights showing, contracting and burning retinas at the computer screen, never felt so good.  Buyers are wanting their Sunshine home, and they want it NOW.  Evidence shows that we are continuing to run low on homes in inventory and the prices are continuing to climb.  Each report from our local Boards of Realtors shows us that these statistics are being noticed by potential Buyers.  It has caused those who have been waiting for evidence and confidence to jump off the fence and start enjoying their home, or investing and putting that home in a rental pool.

This evidence shown us that prices of two years ago are gone as we see them starting to rise.  Not many clairvoyants in the real estate buying game had the confidence to go all in, or in at all in that bottomed out time period, but those who did are feeling good now.  There is good news though... there is still time to have your place in the sun at a great price relative to what they will be in the coming months.  Better later than too late, is one way of thinking about it.  Feeling good about seeing the evidence and still making a good investment; nothing wrong with that...  I am seeing a lot of smiling faces ready for their home and taking advantage of it now.  Every real estate professional in the area is telling the same story.

Looking forward to speaking with you soon.  And if you are considering selling your home, for goodness sake, give me a call!  Inventory is low and I would love to sell your home quickly for you.  Now I am off to soak my eyes and keep my phone on vibrate for you to call.

Happy March 1st everyone!  Hope you are warm and safe with blessings coming your way.

Take Care!

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Red Coats are coming... to Naples!

The Red Coats are coming... to Naples!

Foreign investors are taking the area by storm

What: Foreign home Buyers
Where:  Naples, FL. area
When:  Now

This is a great time to stake claim to your piece of paradise, and the Brits aren't waiting. Now, not only are the foreign investors from the UK (though it made for a better title...), but also from all of Europe, Canada, and South America.  

Working with RightMove Overseas clients, I realize some interesting facts:
  1. 2 out of 3 find their property destination while on holiday.
  2. But 7% will buy without ever seeing the area.
  3. Buyers from over 100 different countries trust and use RightMove.
  4. 45% of Buyers take under six months to find, buy and move into their property.
  5. 65% of Buyers find their Overseas agent online.
And this is why we are Naples, Florida's (Collier County) exclusive listing agent for +Rightmove Overseas .  We are very excited about this premiere relationship and what the future holds for our new residents.

Just today we were pleasantly surprised to be notified of a nice article about our company written by +Lyndsey Kidd of +Homeadverts .  This is an honor and I look forward to continuing to list properties on their international site, and help their Buyers.  These relationships are helping it become easier to streamline the buying process for international Buyers and those who become ready to Sell in Florida.

This information is also ULTRA IMPORTANT FOR AMERICAN SELLERs in the Naples area.  You must reach this fast growing segment with your listing, and we are ahead of the curve in this field.

Viewings are booking quickly, but our team is looking forward to scheduling you in advance of your trip and aiding you with suggestions from lodging, to dining, shopping and entertainment.  Bring your golf clubs, sun gear and smile.  We are happy to see you!

Premiere Plus Realty Co.
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Naples FL. Real Estate Market Report Jan 2013

Naples FL. Real Estate Market Report Jan 2013


Where: Naples, FL. (Collier County)
When:  January 2013

Fabulous news keeps coming from one of the prettiest places in the world.  Naples, FL.'s housing market is setting the standard.  With the most recent Naples Area Board of Realtors' report, we are seeing the median price for home sales increasing 17% in 2012.
This is obviously fantastic news.  I remember just last April, reporting that Dr. Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist of the National Association of REALTORS®, predicted a 10 percent increase in the overall median price by the end of 2012.  Many were skeptical when I told them this news.  And I have to admit, I was optimistic, but seeing where we had been in recent times, 10% seemed to be a lot...  We have seen the momentum starting to build, kept the faith, and joined with Buyers and Sellers on this endeavor of happiness making. It is a pleasure to report that the Naples real estate market improved beyond expectations for 2012.  And now 2013 has started off with a bang.  Many foreign investors are wanting a part of the action and a piece of this sunny paradise.  We see it everyday here in the Naples area.  My business on RightMove Overseas is really buzzing as those who dream of a tropical climate with the character and luxury of Naples are seeing the great affordability before prices rebound even more.
Another real estate industry article shows Naples as being in the top 10 Best Housing Markets through 2016.  This is great news for everyone in the area, AND those that have been tip toeing the fence as to whether to pack their swim suit, golf clubs, sunglasses and become a proud new home owner in the sun.

We are looking forward to welcoming you, talk to you soon!

By Phillip M. Rigsby

Click here for the Latest NABOR Market Report

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Naples, FL. best contractor service-TL Coastal Construction

Naples, FL. best contractor service-TL Coastal Construction

Where:  Naples and southwest Florida
What:  General contracting work, repairs, remodels, and some handy work
Who:  Tim and Ann Lang

Contact:  Ann (coordinator)
Phone: (239) 207-5788

Specializing in premium work at not premium pricing.  They provide old fashioned service with pride in their product.  This has impressed me from the start.  This is what I seek out when finding a service provider.  It is too easy to get swallowed up with all of the competitors, so you need to provide something that sets you apart.  Good communication and a Golden Rule philosophy that this family endows will keep you coming back to them for all of your contracting needs.

This is a family business that believes that you are only as good as what your client tells the next, carrying this over from their success in the MidWest.  So rest assured they will treat you with the individual service that you deserve.  In my life I've known nothing but family businesses.  My family owned a business back in southern Illinois through the generations for 50 years. Then, my family and I owned and operated a business in the Naples area for eight, and now in Real Estate I am a independent contractor myself employing the same values as TL Coastal Construction.  I have aligned my business with Premiere Plus Realty Co. in Naples, which is also a family owned and operated brokerage, and some of the best people you will know.  Through networking and admiration of family values it employs, TL Coastal Construction is one of Premiere Plus Realty Co.'s 'recommended' Contractors.  

You can also follow TL Coastal Construction on Facebook where you will see some of their work and can connect instantly with them as well.

Phillip M. Rigsby
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Premiere Plus Realty

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Naples Golf and Real Estate off to a furious start in 2013

Seems like 2012 was a blur and you have to stop and remember the moments and wonder if that was really 2012 or maybe even 2011?  Each of our lives held different experiences that we encountered over this past year.  Some of these were personal or professional successes, failures (or appeared failures on the surface), and learning experiences.  And since there is no substitute for experience, all of these show positive results.

2013, I feel will be a great year to put that experience into play and pay it forward.  Learn from your mistakes and strengthen your resolve. Share your experiences with those who can learn and take comfort from what wisdom you've been blessed with.  You never know who might gain from your prospective.

So that is my quick quip for starting out the New Year and I wish the best to you and yours for 2013.  A New Year is a great time to start fresh, learn from previous years, and improve your life and those around you.  As it's been said, "I forget the past and strain toward the future".  Good words to live by.  

Looking forward to knowing you better in 2013, and drop a line anytime. Whether it's about real estate, golf, the weather, or your bet on if Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow on Groundhog Day, who care? Would love to hear what's going on around the world and in Naples!

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