Thursday, June 6, 2013

Some Like it Hot (well...mild) - In Naples!

Some Like it Hot (well...mild) - In Naples!

Welcome to summer time in Naples, FL.  In the local's opinions, this time of year is a treasured secret.  As most people are familiar with Florida's seasonal visitors and residents, the winter "season" is the most sought after.  The reason for this is quite simple, it is very warm and relaxing while most of America, Canada, and Europe is struggling with bitter cold.
Once the snow thaws and the temperatures start to rise, most people leave for their summer residences with a perception of Florida being even that much warmer in the summer.
We hear all of the time, "Isn't it burning hot in Naples in the summer?"  And the response is, "No."  There is a sea breeze blowing, and yes, it is warmer than our winter, but even cooler than many spots in the U.S. during summer.  Here's an example of our high temperatures throughout the year:

Naples Weather

Southwest Florida is a tropical paradise. Warm temperatures, balmy breezes, sunny skies and an occasional shower are the norm for Naples. The Gulf Water temperature ranges from the mid 60's January through March and up into the mid 80's from June through September. Southwest Florida's average air temperature is 77 degrees.

Average Climate, Rainfall and Gulf Temperature
Rainfall (inches)
Water Temp
*Weather chart provided by

What I would like to share with you at this point is that the weather in summer is not what you would perceive of a climate that yields a high of 77* in January.

This time of year you will see a lot of the local businesses doing their necessary maintenance while there is the least amont of people in town.  You will see the golf courses doing their greens aerification practices, and the high blooming, high maintenance flowers might be out of the ground.  But if you can look past that and find the courses with greens that are healed from aerification, (just call around to golf courses and ask if they've aerated their greens in the last two weeks as it takes a couple weeks to heal) you will find a spectacular hidden gem.  Naples in summer!
Golf rates, hotel rates, and some attractions are at lower rates in summer.  You will be surprised at how easy it is to get into you favorite restaurant this time of year too!  Going to a movie?  You might only have 3 or 4 other couples in the theatre with you.  Does this description of privacy and all that you expect from Naples sound good?  Well come on down!  You're the next to discover what you are missing in a Naples summer.

That's it for now.  Any questions about the beautiful area?  Just give me a call or email.  Look forward to seeing you out there.

P.S.  Summer sales...  that's all I'm going to say...

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