Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Red Coats are coming... to Naples!

The Red Coats are coming... to Naples!

Foreign investors are taking the area by storm

What: Foreign home Buyers
Where:  Naples, FL. area
When:  Now

This is a great time to stake claim to your piece of paradise, and the Brits aren't waiting. Now, not only are the foreign investors from the UK (though it made for a better title...), but also from all of Europe, Canada, and South America.  

Working with RightMove Overseas clients, I realize some interesting facts:
  1. 2 out of 3 find their property destination while on holiday.
  2. But 7% will buy without ever seeing the area.
  3. Buyers from over 100 different countries trust and use RightMove.
  4. 45% of Buyers take under six months to find, buy and move into their property.
  5. 65% of Buyers find their Overseas agent online.
And this is why we are Naples, Florida's (Collier County) exclusive listing agent for +Rightmove Overseas .  We are very excited about this premiere relationship and what the future holds for our new residents.

Just today we were pleasantly surprised to be notified of a nice article about our company written by +Lyndsey Kidd of +Homeadverts .  This is an honor and I look forward to continuing to list properties on their international site, and help their Buyers.  These relationships are helping it become easier to streamline the buying process for international Buyers and those who become ready to Sell in Florida.

This information is also ULTRA IMPORTANT FOR AMERICAN SELLERs in the Naples area.  You must reach this fast growing segment with your listing, and we are ahead of the curve in this field.

Viewings are booking quickly, but our team is looking forward to scheduling you in advance of your trip and aiding you with suggestions from lodging, to dining, shopping and entertainment.  Bring your golf clubs, sun gear and smile.  We are happy to see you!

Premiere Plus Realty Co.
Naples, FL.