Monday, July 11, 2016

What to do in Naples? Head out to Keeywadin Island

A regular question I get from friends, family as well as people looking to move to the area is "What is there to do in Naples?". As I revealed in my last post - LOTS! This past Friday, we took advantage of our friends boat rental, and took a day trip out to Keeywadin Island.

Even if you do not have a boat or know someone with access to one, it is very simple in this area to rent a boat. If you decide that you want to be living down here for an extended period of time during the year, you can also join one of the several boat clubs in the area. That day, we were using a boat from Naples Bay Resort.

The boat was a simple deck boat and was very clean and maintained. Before leaving we were informed of all rules and proper procedure expected while on the boat. (Also informing us that we could not go past a certain point out into the Gulf of Mexico)

Once out of the marina, you are still going at a very slow pace (no wake, especially this time of year because of our treasured manatees), however, this gives you time to take in all of the amazing homes that are built in our area. With different architecture styles, you can see everything from an old Florida ranch style to very popular contemporary homes to a Mediterranean masterpiece.

Once you are done marveling at the amazing homes, you are finally on your way, and if the beautiful surroundings that nature offers you aren't enough to get you excited about Naples, I don't know what is! It does take about 45 minutes from the marina to Keeywadin, so you definitely have time to smell that amazing Gulf Breeze and take in the beauty that isn't found until you get on a boat.

After we pulled up to Keeywadin and anchored, you can't help but notice the food vendors that are anchored there as well...since we only packed snacks, it was a GREAT surprise to see them!

When you visit us here in Naples, I would highly recommend taking a day (or just a morning) and venturing down to this amazing island, to take in some sights not able to be seen on land.