Friday, March 1, 2013

Naples, Florida area Buyers leaping off the fence!

Naples Florida area Buyers leaping off the fence!

Where:  Naples, FL. area
When:  Winter/Spring 2013
Who:  Buyers waiting for evidence
Why:  Because the time is right...

It's March 1st today, can you believe it?  Wow, heading toward putting the first quarter in the books for 2013.  Seems like we were just toasting the New Year in...  For those of us in the Real Estate arena in the Naples, Bonita Springs, Marco Island and Estero areas, have you used all of your Visine yet?  Early mornings and late nights showing, contracting and burning retinas at the computer screen, never felt so good.  Buyers are wanting their Sunshine home, and they want it NOW.  Evidence shows that we are continuing to run low on homes in inventory and the prices are continuing to climb.  Each report from our local Boards of Realtors shows us that these statistics are being noticed by potential Buyers.  It has caused those who have been waiting for evidence and confidence to jump off the fence and start enjoying their home, or investing and putting that home in a rental pool.

This evidence shown us that prices of two years ago are gone as we see them starting to rise.  Not many clairvoyants in the real estate buying game had the confidence to go all in, or in at all in that bottomed out time period, but those who did are feeling good now.  There is good news though... there is still time to have your place in the sun at a great price relative to what they will be in the coming months.  Better later than too late, is one way of thinking about it.  Feeling good about seeing the evidence and still making a good investment; nothing wrong with that...  I am seeing a lot of smiling faces ready for their home and taking advantage of it now.  Every real estate professional in the area is telling the same story.

Looking forward to speaking with you soon.  And if you are considering selling your home, for goodness sake, give me a call!  Inventory is low and I would love to sell your home quickly for you.  Now I am off to soak my eyes and keep my phone on vibrate for you to call.

Happy March 1st everyone!  Hope you are warm and safe with blessings coming your way.

Take Care!

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