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5 Reasons to be in Naples before "Season"

5 Reasons to be in Naples, FL. before "Season"

There are so many reasons to be in Naples, FL before next season, but I am going to break it down to the top 5.  This is not an easy task because there are so many "tastes" that comprise the Naples area landscape.  Tastes in cuisine, tastes in hobbies, tastes in fashion, or living accommodation.

First it's important for me to define what "season" is in southwest Florida.  We take it for granted that others would immediately know what our definition is for this special time of year.  Our "season" could be considered that late part of a year, maybe November/December, then reaching into the next year until after Easter.  The "high season" is considered to be January, February, March and most of April.  This is when most people desire that sunshine and warm breeze of Naples versus what you could find about anywhere else that time of year.  This is when there is a premium on hotel vacancies, rental vacancies, and tee times on the golf courses.  Definitely this is the time of the year when it's evident that people know to "fly south for the winter".

Now here are the top 5 reasons to be in Naples, FL before next season:

    1.  Let's start with the obvious.  Sun, warm breezes, sand and surf.  The pride taken by Naples residents and the city government, shows that it's proud to be the crown jewel of Florida.  The city is clean, well maintained and full of exuberance. 

     2.  Smart business owners know this is the time of year to gear up for the best shopping crowds that they will see all year.  So you will find the latest styles, and most selection.  You will also find items unique to the area that you might not see in your own area of the country or world.  *Always look for the end-of-season sales as Easter approches.

     3.  The season is when the Arts really shine.  The Naples Philharmonic and other performances are at capacity with the best line-ups during season.  You will see a lot of live music performance and festivals.  The Naples Film Festival in November (coming in May-Latin America Film Fest) is also a great time, with a whole week of film performance and charity events revolving around this buzzing event.  Learn more about Art, Food, Music, and other festivals at websites like these:

     4.  Golf courses are in top notch condition, and events are here to enjoy.  The majority of golf course maintenance is done during the summer when the least amount of residents are in the area.  This leads up to the conditioning and refining of the courses for our season.  Professional golf events are also a favorite for our residents to attend starting with the CME Titleholder's, which is the LPGA's season ending event to recognize those who excelled during their season, also with the largest prize purse.  Greg Norman's Franklin Templeton Shootout is a fun event comprised of two man teams competing in different formats and is held at Greg Norman's designed Tiburon Golf Club.  The Ritz Carlton golf lodge is located on site at Tiburon  (Naples has two Ritz Carlton hotels, the other is on Vanderbilt Beach).  Finally in February, the Champions Tour Ace Group Classic event is held at the upscale Club at Twin Eagles.  This is a Jack Nicklaus course that is one of the tour's favorite stops.
Check out these golf links:

     5.  The Naples real estate market is on a rapid increase.  This desirable place in the sun, that offers all of the above mentioned and much more is where many are finding the best place to invest their money.  We have enjoyed an 18% home value increase from March 2012 to March 2013.  Inventory is low, causing prices to rise and new construction homes/developments to pop up like dandelions.  We are noticing and working with more and more foreign investors and looking forward to more relationships like these.  

I hope this has revealed some about the Naples "season" and why you should make it your home or second home before next season.  Be here to enjoy it with us next year.  We'll be happy to help you find the perfect location whether it's golf, beach or in between!  See you soon.

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